OSA Treatment Options

OSA treatment Sunnyvale, TX

OSA treatment options are available to those who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea. Surprisingly, there are a lot of people who aren’t able to sleep through the night due to OSA. Thankfully, there are treatment options that can and will reduce OSA, thus allowing for a good night’s rest. 

Curious about what OSA treatment options exist? We can help you! OSA is no fun and can actually be pretty harmful. With the help of these treatment options, you should be on your way to sleeping better and reducing the chances that further health problems will occur.

OSA treatment options

These treatment options for OSA can significantly improve one’s sleeping patterns and behaviors. Talk with a dentist or physician about your OSA so that they can help get you started with one of the following treatment options.

Positive airway pressure devices

This type of device is a great option for OSA treatment. It is a mask that is worn while sleeping, and it goes right over the mouth and nose, or one or the other. Pressurized air is forced into one’s throat by the device continuously, thus supplying a positive airflow. A CPAP machine is most commonly used to house the pressurized air. One of the first OSA treatments that dentists or doctors recommend is this device.

Oral appliances

OSA treatment can also consist of oral appliances. Oral appliances have recently grown in popularity as a way to treat OSA. These appliances may be a mouthguard or orthodontic-looking appliance, and they hold the mouth a certain way so that the airway is unable to close throughout the night. These appliances are usually custom-fit so that the person wearing them can get the best use out of them.

Upper airway stimulation

UAS consists of three parts: a generator, a breathing sensor lead and a stimulation lead. UAS is rather new for OSA treatment options, but it can help with the natural breathing process. The mild stimulation helps to open the airway muscles during sleep by monitoring the person's breathing patterns. It is as simple as turning on the machine before bed and turning it off when you awake. 

Weight loss

A lot of people that suffer from OSA are overweight, which can increase the symptoms of the condition. Regardless, if CPAP machines or oral appliances don’t work, medical professionals tend to recommend weight loss programs or diets for OSA treatment. Losing weight can help reduce the airway getting blocked during sleep, thus eliminating OSA. 

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