How Often Do You Need New Dentures?

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With many different types of dentures available, most patients make good candidates. If this is something you have an interest in, the first step is to consult with a dentist. During that time, you will gain all kinds of information, including how long you can expect for them to last. Of course, the answer to that depends on several things, including material, type, and care.

Proper care goes a long way

Although the material and type of dentures play important roles in how long they last, the way an individual cares for them also matters. When someone brushes and flosses regularly, that prevents plaque buildup that can damage dentures. It is also important to carry them in a secure case when not wearing them. That way, if the dentures fall to the ground, there is no risk of them breaking.

Traditional and partial dentures

If someone gets traditional dentures (complete or full set) or partial dentures that work great for people missing only some natural teeth, both of these types typically last between five and 10 years. However, when properly made and maintained, they can last up to 15 years. What happens is that as time goes by, the dentures begin to change. That leads to things like poor fit and a dull appearance.

Immediate dentures

With traditional dentures, a patient waits up to 12 weeks for them to arrive so that a dentist can fit them. With immediate dentures, a dentist fits a patient right after completing the tooth extraction process. These dentures serve as a temporary solution while a patient waits for the actual set to arrive. For that reason, immediate dentures only last between two and four months.

How to know when dentures need replacing

Most people notice changes with their dentures as the expiration time gets closer. That includes experiencing some discomfort due to a change in fit. Issues with slippage might also increase. Even chewing and speaking could become more challenging. At that point, a person should schedule an appointment to have a dentist examine the dentures.

Tips for extending the life of dentures

While dentures have an expiration date, people can do a few things to extend the life to some degree. Two possibilities are relining and rebasing the dentures. With relining, a dentist reshapes the underside of the dentures, improving fit and comfort. As for rebasing, this entails replacing all of the base material, which makes the dentures more stable and comfortable.

The patient can also do things at home to extend the life of their dentures. That includes thoroughly cleaning them every day. Also, an individual needs to soak their dentures at night to keep them pliable and hydrated. Brushing dentures removes food particles, bacteria, and plaque that can cause damage.

Talk to your dentist about getting fitted for dentures

For a positive experience, it starts with a dentist recommending the appropriate type of dentures. You also need to take good care of them and have them checked periodically. Doing those things will go a long way in making them last. Who knows, in the next 15 years between sets, dentures could improve more.

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