How to Find the Best Emergency Dentist For You

Emergency Dentist Sunnyvale, TX

The worst possible moment to search for an emergency dentist is in the middle of a dental emergency. Anxiety and frayed nerves are not exactly helpful when scouring the internet for dental clinics that take walk-ins.

There is no time like the present to locate and vet dental practices that offer emergency care. Collect and keep this information for a time when you or someone you know needs it. Keep reading and find out how to locate a good emergency dentist near you.

Different settings where the emergency dentist operates

Urgent dental care addresses dental emergencies like injury or a severe infection. This type of service can take one of several forms:

  • 24-hour dental clinics
  • Dental practices that stay open well into the night
  • Practices that always have a dentist on call in case of an emergency

In all three cases, emergency dentists remain available to provide urgent care at short notice. They may work in shifts, as is often the case in 24-hour clinics. Emergency dentists can also offer long working hours to accommodate patients who need care after the workday. Other dentists remain on call for several days a week. They only go into their offices when a patient makes an emergency call. Here is how to go about finding a dental practice that offers urgent dental care when patients need it.

1. Choose an emergency dentist that is easy to get to

Imagine a scenario where a fall or a blow to the mouth causes a tooth to fall out. The person with the knocked-out tooth can rinse the tooth and store it safely. A dentist can then reattach the tooth if the patient reaches them within a few hours. This means that the first step of finding the ideal emergency dentist is making a list of urgent care dentists that are close by.

2. Find a dental office that offers extended hours

Many dental practices extend their office hours to cater to patients who can only visit before or after the workday. These practices are usually able to take walk-ins, so it is a good idea to check if they offer emergency dental care. Typically, this type of dental practice will extend their office hours by up to five hours. Take note of them if they are in a convenient location.

3. Pinpoint dental clinics that operate on a 24-hour basis

Areas with high populations may have 24-hour dental clinics that operate in central locations. Such clinics work on shift systems, which guarantees the availability of an emergency dentist at all times.

4. Identify dental practices with an on-call system for emergencies

Some dental practices will have a dentist on call as opposed to remaining open. They usually put the details of a contact person on their website or literature. In case of an emergency, a person in need can reach the point of contact to set up an emergency dental visit.

The contact person may arrange for the in-house dentist and patient to meet at the practice. They may also direct the patient to a different dental office or hospital that will offer immediate help.

5. A patient can call their dentist to get recommendations for emergency care

The patient’s dentist may have information on emergency dental care providers. If an emergency happens after hours, the dentist’s phone may redirect to voicemail. The good news is that the voicemail message will likely have contact information and instructions that cover dental emergencies.

Another advantage of getting information from an actual dentist is accuracy and precision. A dentist will refer their patient to emergency dentists that cater to their patient’s unique set of needs.

Keep our contact information on your speed dial, just in case

Our practice offers an emergency dentist when you need one. We also offer sedation dentistry for patients that deal with anxiety at the clinic. To find out more, get in touch with us using the contact information on our website. Save the information, because you never know when you or someone you know might need it.

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