Implant Supported Dentures: Value for Your Money

DenturesWhen looking for ways to replace your missing teeth, you have several options to consider, including implant supported dentures. Historically, if someone lost their teeth, the only option was to replace them with standard removable dentures. Dentures are secured in place using adhesives or a mix of wires and clasps. Although other options exist, traditional dentures are still an effective solution for those who prefer them. Since dentures are removable, there is always the risk that they will fall out.

This can happen when eating, speaking or even smiling, causing a great deal of stress to anyone wearing them. This inconvenience is why so many have turned to dental implants as an alternative. The challenge is that dental implants take a long time to place on an individual basis and are the most expensive solution. This makes them cost prohibitive for patients needing a permanent solution. Implant supported dentures combine the best of both worlds and are a true value for your money.

How Implant Supported Dentures Work

Before replacing your teeth with implant supported dentures, we will take measurements of your mouth and make an impression to send to the dental lab. The dental lab creates a customized set of implant supported dentures for your mouth. The process is similar to when we give you a set of dentures. However, instead of the set of teeth being placed in your mouth and being removable, your implant supported dentures will be secure.

We then implant four titanium posts under your gums. Your new set of teeth will be secured to the posts, providing you with the durability and security of natural teeth. You will not have to worry about them wiggling out of position, becoming loose or falling out ever again. You can enjoy your favorite foods without any hassle. You are receiving the same benefits as dental implants but instead of an implant being placed in the location of each missing tooth, several implants are supporting your entire set of teeth.

There are numerous benefits to receiving implant supported dentures. One primary benefit is that you can receive a new set of teeth in only two appointments and a couple of weeks. You will also save money with implant supported dentures because it takes far less time for us to complete the procedure. Finally, you will have less discomfort and a shorter recovery time. This makes for a solution that many of our patients are excited by.

Learn More

We invite you to call us at (972) 996-3191 and schedule a consultation so that you can learn more about implant supported dentures and how beneficial they can be to your smile. This is an excellent way to replace your missing teeth and we are confident that you, like many of our patients, will enjoy the benefits of having a smile that you can be proud to show off and a set of teeth that you are comfortable using no matter what foods you want to eat.

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