Using a Dental Oral Appliance to Treat Sleep Apnea?

Do I Have Sleep Apnea Sunnyvale, TX

Sleep apnea is a medical condition that affects a lot of people; however, with the help of dental oral appliances, the symptoms can be treated. There are a few different kinds of oral appliances that one can consider when dealing with sleep apnea, and in this article, we discuss them, as well as how they work! 

Being aware of what it is like to use a dental oral appliance to treat sleep apnea can be helpful. Patients considering their treatment options may benefit greatly from learning about the available oral appliances.

Using a dental oral appliance to treat sleep apnea

Outlined below are a couple of common dental oral appliances that can be used to treat sleep apnea. Keep reading to find out more about how these treatments work!

In this case, a dental oral appliance is a general term for a mouthpiece that can be used to help treat sleep apnea. There are different types of oral appliances that can be used to treat all kinds of medical conditions. However, sleep apnea usually requires multiple types of treatments, and oral appliances are the main factor in that process.

It has been said that patients are more likely to use oral appliances for the treatment process because they are not as intense as CPAP machines. They are as easy as putting them in right before going to sleep.

MAD: mandibular advancement device

A MAD device looks very similar to a mouthguard used for sports or a nightguard that is used for sleeping. Both of these oral appliances are used to protect the teeth from damage. However, in the case of a mandibular advancement device, its purpose is to help treat sleep apnea.

The oral appliance snaps into place atop the upper and lower arches. They typically have small metal hinges, which allow the lower jaw to ease forward when sleeping. Some types of MAD oral appliances even allow for more control, which can provide more in-depth advancement.

Tongue-retaining device

Another type of oral appliance that is commonly used to treat sleep apnea is a tongue-retaining device. This type of oral appliance is a splint that holds the tongue a certain way so that the airway can remain open while the patient is sleeping.

Tongue-retaining devices are made of plastic and they are very small in size. It has been said that they resemble a pacifier with a hole in it, where the tongue is held. In addition, this oral appliance can also help reduce snoring that may cause the airway to get stuck or closed off.

Get started with oral appliances for sleep apnea!

Any questions or concerns regarding dental oral appliances for sleep apnea treatment should be directed to a dental professional. Sleeping should be easy and enjoyable, and with our help, we hope that you can achieve that! Give us a call or stop by our office today so that we can get you started with a dental oral appliance.

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