What Is an Onlay Dental Restoration?

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If you are seeking a dental restoration option to fix a damaged tooth, you should speak to your dentist about getting an onlay. This procedure is often the preferred method when a tooth is too weak for a cavity to support. The dentist can usually accomplish this restoration in two appointments. You can find relief today with a dental onlay.

Different ways to repair cavities

Tooth decay is a common issue that people of all ages face. It causes cavities and could eventually lead to infections, tooth loss and bone loss. For mild or moderate cavities, a composite resin filling is usually enough to repair the damage and restore the tooth. The dentist may decide a crown is the right option if the tooth is too badly damaged to support a cavity. In this case, the dentist would cover the tooth with a natural-looking cap. Onlays are a similar dental restoration choice.

An overview of this dental restoration procedure

Where a crown covers the biting surface of a tooth, an onlay covers one or more cusps of the affected tooth. The dentist or a technician makes the onlay outside of the tooth, and the dentist cements it in place once it is ready. The dentist may choose this method when the decayed tooth is prone to cracking or breaking once a filling is placed. The onlay prevents this from happening and strengthens the tooth.


Before getting an onlay, the dentist will speak to the patient about this dental restoration and whether it makes sense. The dentist explores other options and determines which will protect the tooth most effectively and produce long-term results. The dentist talks about the benefits and challenges of this procedure with the patient. Then, the dentist takes X-rays and an impression so the onlay can be made.

The next appointment

A few weeks later, the patient will return to the office to get the onlay. The dentist will numb the area with a local anesthetic to help the person feel at ease. The dentist first removes the tooth decay, cleans out the tooth and disinfects it to prevent more bacteria growth. The dentist then cements the onlay in place. The dentist will make sure the dental restoration fits properly and feels comfortable.

Aesthetic benefits

While this dental restoration relieves pain and discomfort, there are also some cosmetic advantages to it. Today, dentists can fabricate porcelain or ceramic onlays that match the color of the affected tooth and surrounding teeth. Patients can benefit from this because the onlay will not stand out and hinder the person’s smile. It will be virtually unnoticeable to other people.

A treatment you can feel good about

Cavities can cause significant pain and interfere with your daily routine. You do not have to suffer these feelings any longer. If your damaged tooth will not support a filling, your dentist may suggest getting an onlay for your dental restoration. This process is moderately invasive and can help you feel well once again. Schedule an appointment with your dentist if you are ready to undergo this procedure.

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