Why Seeing a Kid Friendly Dentist Is an Important Part of Your Child’s Oral Health

Kid Friendly Dentist Sunnyvale, TX

Thinking about taking your child to a kid friendly dentist? Read on to learn more about how this could help your child's oral health. A kid friendly dentist helps start your child off on the right foot when it comes to their dental health.

Early visits to the dentist help to make the child comfortable with the dental experience. The dentist also uses these appointments to educate parents and their children on how to take care of their teeth and gums.

How seeing a kid friendly dentist improves your child’s oral health

Dental appointments can be a scary experience for adults. Many adults avoid going to the dentist to avoid dealing with the anxiety it causes them. The experience can be even more frightening for a child since it involves strangers hovering over them and inserting tools they have never seen in their mouths.

A kid friendly dentist has lots of experience treating young patients, and their clinics are often designed to make the experience more kid-friendly. Their waiting rooms might look more like a playroom, and regular dental tools are often swapped with more kid-friendly alternatives.

A child-friendly dentist also knows the right things to say to children to keep them calm and relaxed during their treatments. They typically have experience in how to quell any fears the child has during their appointments.

The benefits of taking your child to a child-friendly dentist include:

  • Ensures proper development of the child's bite: A dentist with lots of experience working with children understands the natural growth patterns of a child’s developing teeth, making it easier for them to spot any abnormalities. Appropriate treatments can then be performed as needed. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends bringing children in for a bite evaluation by the time they turn seven. The soft bones of their facial structures are easier to mold at this stage. The bone structures in their face do not solidify until their late teens, making the window the best time to address bite issues. Addressing bite issues early on also helps to prevent them from causing other issues like poor speech development
  • Teaches the child good oral hygiene habits: Regular dental appointments serve as an opportunity to educate children and their parents about good oral hygiene habits. Dentists can often tell how well a child takes care of their teeth by examining them
  • Eliminates the fear of the dentist: Children who are regularly taken to the dentist are less likely to develop dental anxiety as adults. That means they are more likely to get dental treatments when they need them instead of waiting until the issue becomes unbearable

Start your child off on the right track

A kid friendly dentist helps to ensure your child’s teeth develop the way they are supposed to. Give us a call or stop by our Sunnyvale clinic to set up an appointment.

Request an appointment here: https://stonecanyondental.com or call Stone Canyon Dental at (972) 996-3191 for an appointment in our Sunnyvale office.

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